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Amanda competes at her first Fitness competition.

This is the video from Amanda's Fitness Competition at the Natural Bodybuilding Australia (NBA) competition in April 2023.

Amanda says she was nervous and shaking on the stage but as you can see, she seemed to be as cool as a cucumber. The whole lead up she was a mix of emotions, nervous, excited, scared, and relief of finally being at the end of the journey. And this is the MAIN point. It's not so much about how you look, although that IS what the competition is about. For each competitor, it's about the journey to that point and all the things learned and gained along the way.

Amanda gained a huge amount of personal growth by getting OUTSIDE her COMFORT ZONE. This is where significant personal growth is gained. We must push the limits and test ourselves to face new challenges and grow. Along the way she gained:

  • A new level of confidence

  • A new level of motivation and dedication to her health and fitness

  • A new level of nutrition habits and behaviours

  • A new level of self esteem

  • The chance to help inspire other women to make healthy change

This was Amanda's journey and mode to gain personal growth. Competing in an NBA competition doesn't have to be yours; it can be anything. You could do a half marathon, hike, kickboxing training, cardio training with a personal trainer, mud run, or obstacle run, dedicated nutrition overhaul. It can be anything, but it must be challenging and outside that comfort zone. Make a choice, set your sights on a target, lock onto it with 100% commitment, set a time frame, and get it done.

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